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Goodbye, Sr. Florence!
















by : Sr. Lourdes S. Panganiban, sfic

Now, O Lord, you can dismiss your servant in peace,  for  you
have fulfilled your word and my eyes have seen your salvation”

(Lk. 2:29-30).

On September 14, 2015, the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross,
Sr. Florence Guiwo passed away at 12:45 in the afternoon while
putting her health  and  life  in  the  hands of God, our heavenly
Father, ready to answer joyfully when her name was called. She
died of cardiopulmonary arrest.

Sr. Florence Guiwo , who was baptized Rosario, was  born   to
Bonifacio  Guiwo  and  Soledad    Pataueg on    November  16,
1934 in  Angandanan,  Isabela. She entered the   Congregation
on November 8, 1957. She was initiated into the   Novitiate on
May 9, 1958.  She  made her first profession of  vows  on May
10, 1960 and  her  final  vows on May 10, 1965.  She  was  our
loving co-Sister for 58 years.

Sr. Florence is best remembered for her  simple  and   humble
service to the communities where she was  assigned:  Baguio,
Ilagan,  Aurora,  Isabela,  San  Antonio,  San   Narciso, Subic,
Matain, Zambales, Manaog   and Cardona. She  rendered  her
loving and dedicated services as Community Leader of Ilagan,
Aurora, Isabela. She   shared with  so  much  enthusiasm  and
commitment   her   talents   and   skills as a Home Economics
Teacher, Librarian and Dormitory Supervisor.

Her ministry was  imbued  with  the spirituality of sharing the
joy  of  the  Gospel  and  communion  with  others, especially
those  entrusted  to  her  care.  Her  baptismal  name, Rosario,
which means Rosary, a devotional prayer honoring Mary, our
Blessed Mother, looks into the eyes of the crucified Lord with
love. Very much part of praying  the Holy  Rosary  is making
the sign of the cross, not only to commemorate  an  old  battle
that was   won,  or  to recall a past that no longer exists, but in
order   to  reflect   more   deeply   on   the   word “victory” for
Christian faith. To  honor  the  cross, in the life of Sr.Florence,
is to raise  it up,  to  sing  of   Christ’s   victory …in   spite  of
everything, the cross is still elevated, exalted  and  triumphant.
Christ Himself offered us the answer: “If any  man  will  come
after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and
follow  me
“(Lk. 9:23).  In   her   baptismal  name, “Rosario”
Sr. Florence embodied her constant praise of God, in spite  of
her pain and suffering before she breathed her last. Nourished
by   God’s   love,   her
simplicity   and  “holy    innocence” as
described  by  one  of  her  group mates,  made her a splendid
sign  of  the  triumph  of  the  Cross  of  Christ in her life “for
the love of God
”.  The  point  of  taking  up  her  own cross  is
not simply self-sacrifice; in doing so, she united herself to the
sacrifice  of   Christ   on   His Cross. “In  all, the  love of  the
Crucified Lord triumphs as He gazes into  our hearts  and  we
dare to look  into his”
(Year of the Poor 2015, CBCP

Thank you  very  much,  Sr. Florence  for  sharing  the beauty
of your person with us.  Like  “Florence Nightingale” whose
endless  supply  of  compassion for the people she ministered
to,  moved  them  to  call  her “The  Lady with a lamp.” Keep
your  lamp  burning  with delight as we send you off with our
love  and  prayers.  Be  our intercessor during  this  Year  of
Consecrated Life and Year of the Poor
, challenging us  “to
be more human and just, a sign and anticipation of the world
to  come,  in  which the Lord, humble and glorified, poor and
exalted,  will  be  the  full  and  lasting  joy  for us and for our
brothers  and  sisters,  together  with the Father and the Holy
Spirit “
(Vita  Consecrata,  p. 198).   Help   us   to   take   the
challenge  of   becoming  more  radiant  people of mercy and

compassion … “ recognizing  the face of Christ, who became,
like us in all things,  and  to  rejoice in the knowledge that we
are  being  conformed  to Him who, out of love for us, did not
refuse the suffering
of  the  cross” (Apostolic  Letter  of Pope
Francis to all Consecrated People on the Year of Consecrated
Life, II, p. 4).

Goodbye  for  now,  till  we  meet a gain, Sr. Florence, in the
bosom of the Triune  God. May  Mother  Teresia  van  Miert,
St. Francis and St. Clare usher you into the banquet of God’s
abiding love!

We celebrate with you the  fullness  of  life  as  we  proclaim
with  St.  Francis: “Praised   be  You,  my  Lord, through  our
Sister Bodily Death, from whom   no one can escape
... Most
high,   all –powerful   good   Lord,  Yours  is  the   praise, the
glory,  honor, and  blessing!”
(Canticle of Creatures).

















On   behalf   of  Sr. Julie  Saguibo,  the  Provincial Superior,
Sr.  Lourdes   Panganiban   gave  the  introduction  in  the
Resurrection Mass.















La Verna 1 Chapel
Gen. Ordonez, Marikina Heights















This Paschal Candle burning brightly

is a symbol of our Lord’s Resurrection.

Sr. Florence is now in God’s glory.
















Mrs.   Eva   Aquino,  Sr.  Florence's   sister  with   her   daughter 
Siony, her nieces, Ren-ren  and  Cha-cha  and  nephew Jumban
were in deep grief.














Ronnie Guiwo, one of her nephews was also in profound sorrow.






















Sr. Lucy who lived with Sr. Florence in   four  communities  sang
"The  Wind  Beneath    My   Wings"  as   she   recalled  the  love
and   support  accorded    to   her   when   they   were  together. 
Gratitude will be treasured in the heart forever.




















Sr. Tess  Babaran  also  recalled   how   Sr. Florence   has been
a family  to   her.  She  mentioned  that  she  was  close   to  her
late father, Manolo.  They will see each other in heaven.

















Ren-ren,   one  of  her  nieces  represented  the family in giving
tribute  to  her  Aunt.  She recounted the goodness, love  and
concern for each one. Such  a very touching message!


















Mrs. Leonima Ballesteros represented the community of Ilagan
for  the   tribute.  She    gave  an     account   of   the   pleasant
experiences they have had  with Sr. Florence    when  she  was
young   and   active  in   the   ministry.    Grateful   for   all  that
Sr. Florence  has  been with  the  people of  Ilagan,  Nima  was
not  able   to  control  her  tears as she bade her  last  farewell.
















Vangie,  a  close  friend  of the family remembered all the good
deeds experienced by her  from Sr. Florence.


















Sr.   Naty   Parin   was  the  Psalmist. Together with  her  group
mates, Sr. Immaculee  Pagalilauan  and  Sr.  Thersina  Estalilia,
they were there  for  the  last moments of  Sr.  Florence.  The
tribute  that   night   ended   with  their  solemn  song  for  the
Blessed Virgin Mary.
















Mrs. Eva Aquino expressed her gratitude to the Congregation
on behalf of the Guiwo family. It  is a blessing that   she  came
home   (  she   was  on  vacation   in   the   States  )    before
Sr. Florence passed away. That   Saturday  visit  before Sister
left was their last bonding time with each other.

















Ren - ren   did the  First  Reading  in  the  Resurrection  Mass.

















Cha - cha and Jumban,  niece and nephew of Sr. Florence were
the Offerers in the Mass.


















Sr.  Josefina  Miguel,  the  Superior  of  La Verna 1 Community
affirmed Sr. Leonie Tamba who took good care of Sr. Florence.
She also thanked the family and all those who  in  one  way  or
another  expressed  their   condolences  and  support  in  such
moments of pain due to the loss of a love one.


















This   is  the  saddest  moment  of  departure  from the last
temporary house  of Sr. Florence.  Sisters  and her  relatives
gave the last blessing.


















This  coaster  was  one  of the vehicles used by  the Sisters  to
bring   Sr. Florence   to   her  resting place at  Loyola, Marikina.
Sr. Stephanie  Quiban, Sr.  Josephti  Gadiano, Sr. Mary Francis
Borje, Mrs.  Leonima   Ballesteros,  Ms.  Elvira Lucas,  Ms. Jocie
Claravall  (from Ilagan)  and  other sisters joined  the  graveside


















The Final Goodbye!



Sr.  Florence,  we   will  miss  you!

Please  be   our  intercessor  now  in

heaven.May the  good Lord  bless

you  and  keep you   forever  in  his

bosom. Amen!




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St. Joseph’s College


Sitio Mathay, Upper Tuyo
Balanga City, Bataan

















When His Most Reverend Socrates B.Villegas, DD
was installed bishop of the Diocese of Balanga, Bataan in
July, 2004,he saw the need for more educational  centers
to  cater  to  the education and religious formation  of  the
youth. He  noted  that  while  majority  of   the   province’s
population  is  Catholic,  there    was  no Catholic  college
that  would   help   promote   and    sustain   the  Christian
formation of the  youth  and  at  the   same   time,    serve
as possible partner of  the  diocese  in    the  performance
of   its   service   function  of  evangelization.   Hence,  his
invitation to St. Joseph's  College to operate as  a Catholic
college.  To   realize   this   goal,   the   Most   Rev. Bishop
Villegas  donated  a  parcel  of land  situated in  Barangay
Upper  Tuyo,  Balanga  City,  Province  of   Bataan  to  the
Congregation    of    the    Franciscan     Sisters    of    the
Immaculate   Conception   of   the   Holy   Mother  of God
with   the   explicit   condition   that   such   will  be   used
solely for school  purposes. The  Transfer  Certificate   of
of   Title    with    number   T -251784   in    favor   of   the
Congregation was issued on November 11, 2005.

The Groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 3,
2005  at  the   future   site   of   St.   Joseph’s  College   of
Balanga,   also   the   date  of  the Bishop’s first Episcopal
Ordination anniversary in the diocese. A  building  permit
(Permit No, 05-08-111-173) was  issued  by  the  Balanga
City    government  to   the    school  building    contractor
on   July  11, 2005   and   the   Barangay’s    Construction
Clearance was also released on July 18, 2005.










The  City’s  Office  of  the  Zoning   Administrator
granted  Locational  Clearance for  the  construction  of
a school  on  the  aforementioned  area  on   August  1,
2005. A zoning certification issued by the City Planning
and   Development    Coordinator   on   June  20,  2006
classified   St.  Joseph’s   College   of   Balanga’s    site
for    institutional     use     based    on     an    approved
Comprehensive   Land   Use  Plan  (CLUP)  of  the City
as  per  Resolution  No.  81,  s.  2000  dated  October 2,












On May 8, 2006, the school building was blessed
by   His   Most    Rev.   Socrates  Villegas, the Honorary
Chair of the school’s Board of Trustees.The Department
of   Education   (Deped)-Region   III  has  also  given St.
Joseph’s  College  of  Balanga  the permit to operate on
May  12,  2006. Classes  formally  started  on  June 13,
2006  with  78  enrolled  students from Nursery to  First
Year    High    School . Government   recognition   was
granted  to  the  school  on March 24, 2010  just before
the first High School Graduation in March 25, 2010.













The   College   Department   opened   during  the
school   year   2007-2008  with  the  following   courses:
Bachelor   in   Secondary   Education   major  in  Values
Education, Bachelor   in   Elementary   Education  major
in  Special  Educ. ; Bachelor  of  Arts in Psychology and
Bachelor  of   Science  in Social Work. The Commission
on   Higher   Education  (CHED) - Region III  granted all
programs  with  government recognition  just before the
first College graduation, which was held in March, 2011.













This   SY   2015-2016,   St.  Joseph’s  College  of
Balanga   will   be   celebrating   its   10th year of  noble
service   to   the   people   of   God   in   the Diocese  of












SJCB VISION: SJCB  is  a  leading  Filipino
Catholic  educational  institution  that  pursues   human
integral  formation  anchored  on  Christian  values and
academic  excellence  to  enable  the  youth to become
effective  instruments    for   social   transformation.  In
keeping  with  our  tradition,  we continue to be  moved
by God’s  goodness, wisdom and  love  to  be  a caring
and nurturing community.

SJCB mission: Inspired   by  our  vision,
we commit ourselves to provide relevant programs and
services   to   form   our   students   to   be  God-loving,
evangelizing and responsible members of society.

SJCB CORE VALUES: In support of
our mission, we uphold and promote the core values  of
Simplicity,   Truth,   Justice,   Peace   and   Integrity  of


Sr. Julie Saguibo ,SFIC
Sr. Marie Teresita Bravo, SFIC
Sr. Josephini Ambatali, SFIC
Sr. Crescencia Lucero, SFIC
Sr. Severina Aquino, SFIC
Sr. Anne Cayabyab, SFIC
Sr. Teresita Babaran, SFIC
Sr. Dreena Guerrero, SFIC
Sr. Esperanza Vistro, SFIC
Sr. Lourdes Panganiban, SFIC
Sr. Agnetia Naval, SFIC
Sr. Susan Esmile, SFIC
Sr. Ma. Luisa Simon, SFIC
Sr. Mercedes Salud, SFIC
Sr. Anne Cayabyab, SFIC
Sr. Jane Concepcion, SFIC
Sr. Marinita Mionda Posadas, SFIC


SJCB Board of Trustees:

Sr. Julie Saguibo ,SFIC
Sr. Marie Teresita Bravo, SFIC
Sr. Josephini Ambatali, SFIC
Sr. Crescencia Lucero, SFIC
Sr. Anne Cayabyab, SFIC
Sr. Teresita Babaran, SFIC
Sr. Esperanza Vistro, SFIC
Sr. Lourdes Panganiban, SFIC
Sr. Agnetia Naval, SFIC
Sr. Eterna Manangan, SFIC


May God Bless us all!









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Come one, come all!











The Mater Dei Auditorium