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Franciscans    celebrate    Transitus
October 3,  2014
By :Felicisima  Ibay
SFIC Senior Novice

What  a very wonderful day it was  when the Franciscans  all over the metropolis  gathered  again together  at the Mater  Dei  Auditorium of   St. Joseph’s College, Quezon City for the grand celebration in commemoration of the  life and death of our holy  father   Francis.  The Transitus theme, “ CALLED   TO  BE  SAINTS, SENT  FORTH  AS  HEROES  IN  THE  FOOTSTEPS  OF  ST.  FRANCIS  AND  ST.  CLARE ” appropriately  spelled out the dynamics of our Franciscan  calling as portrayed  in the unity, love and support of all the participants.

The presence of the representatives of the Inter-Franciscan Ministers Conference of the Philippines (IFMCP), the Franciscan Institute of Asia (FIA),  the Inter-Franciscan Juniors Association (IFJA) , the Franciscan  Religious  (Men and Women), and  the Order of the  Secular Franciscans  (OSF) altogether  made  the said celebration a success!

The  Inter- Franciscan  Juniors rendered a spectacular dance number. It was a  breath-taking moment witnessing how  our young Franciscan Religious men  and women  could show  the meaning of unity and collaboration, having given time and support to  one another  to come up with an ostentatious performance. It was  a celebration indeed!

Significant Sharings:

Miss Yvone  Lanuza, the Minister of the Franciscan Seculars (OSF), discussed the presence of the OSF in the world, their ministries and their collaborators. It was so inspiring for her to spell out a few of  their significant strengths: Efficient CommunicationVibrant Relationships and Support from the National Level.She also underscored  that the  way to fraternity is “Openness to one another”.

Fr. Joe Litigio, OFM gave points on how to understand deeper the Transitus:

* Living out our consecration,

* Continuing to be relevant, and

* Anchoring our lives on Christ.

YOUFRA – The Franciscan Youth movement is at the heart of the Franciscan Family. Young as they are, they are  doing their best  to spread the Good News. Congratulations to the YOUFRA as they continue journeying on after they have reached their 30th anniversary.

The sharing of our lay partners from  the different  sectors of the Franciscan Family  highlighted  the need of having saints living in the world. Focusing on  COMMITMENT,  both  the Laity and the Religious  are enjoined to follow Christ in the way of St. Francis, who chose to live in poverty. One of the  major  events  during the time of Francis  was the  reconstruction of the San Damiano Church, surrendering  all that he had, which led him to heed  a drastic call and renewal.  From the 13th century then  to the present, we  are still trying to  live out  the transition he underwent during   his time.  It  is an experiential approach for us where we are called and moved to live that path of life geared towards holiness. Indeed, the theme for the afternoon’s celebration is very appropriate and relevant.


The Solemn Procession  was so touching  as Francis was  carried by the friars on a stretcher  and  brought around the auditorium  before he was ushered in to the altar. The Transitus , the re-enactment of the death of St. Francis was  made alive on stage because  the participants  used the Filipino language.  It was  based on  the writings of  Thomas Celano which focused on John 13:1-7 (Washing of the Feet  at the Last Supper).  Silence filled the whole Congregation as his weak body was laid on the altar with utmost respect.   Significant  people in Francis’s life were there during his last  moments: St. Clare and her Sisters, Lady Pica Bernardone, Ortulano Offreduccio, and Lady Jacoba de Settosoliwho.  The  “Canticle of the Creatures”  was  sung beautifully and solemnly  by the friars.The Transitus re-enactment climaxed with the  breaking of bread  and distribution  thereof to the Congregation which  was another symbolical   gesture, essential to us, the Franciscans  that  points out to   love, compassion and sharing  for  others.


The Year of the Laity indeed! Another   captivating  and picturesque scene towards the end of the Transitus was the presentation of the Franciscan  Saints among the Laity who during their time contributed to the transformation of the society.  The Saints were represented by the OSF participants.  With their lighted vigil lights each  one was called  on stage in a solemn procession. When all of them were called,they  put down their lights infront of the altar, symbol of their lives that gave light to the world.  It was a very touching ceremony. These Saints in heaven must be cheerfully watching us as they continue interceding for  the faithful who are still struggling to live the path of life they have trod.





The  peak moment of the  day’s  festivity  was the Eucharistic Celebration with Rev. FRANCISCO GERARD  TIMONER III, OP, the Prior Provincial of the Dominican Philippine Province as Celebrant.

Salient Points of his homily:

* Our Pope chose the name, Francis.

* It’s the Year of the Laity.

* Our vocation is a CALL; so we are
always  on  call.

Other Celebrants in the mass were  the Provincial General  of the Order of the Franciscan Minors, Fr. Lino Gregorio Redoblado, the OFM Capuchins and the OFM  Conventuals.


Congratulations to everyone!



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The Porziuncola, Inter-Franciscan Formation Center, Paenaan, Baras, Rizal
November 7 – 9, 2014


This was the venue for the three-day  Annual Inter-Franciscan Ministers’ Conference of the Philippines held last November 7-9, 2014. With the  peaceful lush of the  garden, the Ministers of the different Franciscan Congregations  and Mission Partners from the Franciscan Movement for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (FMJPIC), Franciscan Health Care-Crossing Borders Inc. (FHCCBI), Comprehensive Course on Franciscan Mission Charism (CCFMC), Franciscan Institute of Asia (FIA), Fellowship  for the Care of  Creation Association, Inc. (FCCAI), Secular Franciscan Order (OFS), MZF Projects Coordination Office (Mizzioncentrale) and   Franciscan Dialogue Program (FDP)  felt so at home communing with Mother  Nature  as they  went through  their serious  and profound deliberations.

Since it is the Year of the Laity,  the topic, “The Role of Religious Life in Lay Empowerment and theDeclericalization of the Lay” was  indeed fitting  and relevant.   Sr. Marie Teresita Bravo, SFIC served as the moderator, and

Fr. Percival Bacani, MJ was the Resource Speaker.

He posed the following challenges:

1. The missionary and charismatic integration of the laity with religious is a gift of the Holy Spirit for the whole Church. Such integration depends however on the genuine renewal and  revitalization of both the laity and of the consecrated life itself. To be able to achieve one’s mission and a life shared with the laity, we have to meet them in our charisms, which are for us and for them, the common source of living water to irrigate the field of shared mission and spirituality.

2. What we share  is a charism in its twofold dimension : mission and life/spirituality. It   requires different steps :collaboration, participation and belonging.

3. Points for reflection to mull on:

· Where do you locate your Franciscan identity and spirituality today?

· How do you re-imagine religious life/ laity today?

· What basically do we need to let  go of ?

The last day was spent listening to the reports of the Chairperson, the Treasurer,  and the Mission Partners. The three day conference was climaxed in a mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Lino Gregorio V. Redoblado, OFM,  Chair,  IFMCP.  Salient points of his homily were as follows:


1. The theme for the three day conference should disturb
and shatter one's complacencies,

2. The “wells” of compassion for others through ministries be sustained, and

3. Areas of empowerment and collaboration
with the lay be re-defined and pursued.

4. Challenges:

* Continue being “wells” for others,

* Risk without fear in creating missions,

* Pursue work of collaboration,

* Go beyond the dualistic paradigms
of authority and power,

*Recognize being “lesser” brothers and sisters
subject to one another,

* Be at ease with having no identity,

* Be less immersed in
ecclesiastical functionalities;
rather, spend more time
among the poor,

* Wake up from your comfortable 
lifestyle,  and

* Rise up from the evangelical
anemia or amnesia.














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Welcome to SFIC

Our Congregation was founded in Veghel, Netherlands on June 24, 1844.  It was co-founded by Pastor Bernardinus van Miert and his niece, Sister Teresia van Miert.  From the start their unique aim was the care of the needy in whom they recognized the suffering Jesus.

Sister Teresia van Miert was deeply moved by the needs of the times in which she lived.  Steeped in the Gospel and in the life of St. Francis, she discovered ways to alleviate the sufferings of the people in her surroundings.

According to the tradition of the Congregation, the Sisters will give special attention to the underprivileged sectors of society.