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St. Joseph’s College


Sitio Mathay, Upper Tuyo
Balanga City, Bataan

















When His Most Reverend Socrates B. Villegas, DD
was installed bishop of the Diocese of Balanga, Bataan in
July, 2004,he saw the need for more educational  centers
to  cater  to  the education and religious formation  of  the
youth. He  noted  that  while  majority  of   the   province’s
population  is  Catholic,  there    was  no  Catholic  college
that  would   help   promote   and    sustain   the  Christian
formation of the  youth  and  at  the   same   time,    serve
as possible partner of  the  diocese  in    the  performance
of   its   service   function  of  evangelization.   Hence,  his
invitation to St. Joseph's  College to operate as  a Catholic
college.  To   realize   this   goal,   the   Most   Rev. Bishop
Villegas  donated  a  parcel  of land  situated in  Barangay
Upper  Tuyo,  Balanga  City,  Province  of   Bataan  to  the
Congregation    of    the    Franciscan    Sisters    of    the
Immaculate   Conception   of   the   Holy   Mother  of God
with   the   explicit   condition   that   such   will  be   used
solely for school  purposes. The  Transfer  Certificate   of
of   Title    with    number   T-251784   in    favor   of   the
Congregation was issued on November 11, 2005.


The Groundbreaking ceremony was held on July 3,
2005  at  the   future   site   of   St.  Joseph’s  College  of
Balanga,   also   the   date  of  the Bishop’s first Episcopal
Ordination anniversary in the diocese. A  building  permit
(Permit No, 05-08-111-173) was  issued  by  the  Balanga
City    government  to  the    school  building    contractor
on   July 11, 2005   and   the   Barangay’s    Construction
Clearance was also released on July 18, 2005.






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A School is Born!

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May 14, 2015
Sto. Nino Chapel
Violago Homes, E. Rod. Sr. Ave.
Quezon City


Panghabambuhay na

Pagtatalaga sa

Buhay Relihiyosa


Sr. Christine Fabul May, SFIC

Sr. Ernilyn Malihan Aquino, SFIC
















"Hindi ninyo ako pinili, kayo ang pinili Ko."
San Juan 15:16

Indeed these  words  from  our Lord came  alive  on May 14, 2015  when
Christine  May   and  Sister   Ernilyn   Aquino  responded   to   this
call  in  the  presence  of   the  Congregation of  the  Franciscan  Sisters 
of   the   Immaculate   Conception  of  the  Holy  Mother   of    God,  their
Relatives  and  close  friends.The two brides pose by the statue of St.
Michael, the Archangel inside the Sto. Nino Chapel.

The Brides were over flowing with joy! Exuberant feelings! Empowered
by God’s  love, the  day  of waiting  has  come  into fulfillment. This  day 
may   have   been   an   ordinary  day   for   some,  but  for   them,   they 
exclaimed,“This  is  what  I   wish, this is what I want, this is what I  long
to  do  with all my heart!”



















The Provincial Board and the General Board Members led the whole
Congregation for the Processional.
















The Clergy

















Sr. Christine with her Parents

















Sr. Ernilyn   with  her Loved Ones

























His Excellency Most Reverend Socrates B. Villegas
The Celebrant and Homilist

The good Bishop began his homily stating  that the reason to celebrate

is  God's  bountiful love.  He  also stirred the Congregation  addressing
Sr. Julie if the two young sisters were sure that they'd be able to keep
their   vows   of   chastity, poverty and obedience. There were subdued
whispers of course from the Congregation. The point he was driving at
was the issue of fidelity in the midst of a very challenging world.

Sr. Ernilyn's reflections:

"It   was   a   joy   from   within   to   feel   God’s   assurance   of   love. 
cannot   express   how   I   felt.   The   homily  of   Bishop   Soc
struck   us all especially when he asked,  "Nakatitiyak ka ba?” Indeed,
not  one   of us  has an inkling of  what will  happen in the  future, but
I am sure
of HIS great love no matter what.

A   day   too, to   thank  God  once again for being  in  my  journey, for
everything  that  has  been.   Indeed, it  is  a throwback assurance of
love  from  the  beginning  and  surely  till  the  end.  Again  I realized
that I may be faltering someday, can  be  unfaithful  to  Him,  cranky at
times,  but  I  am assured  only of one thing - that  God will  be   there
waiting for me . I am much  loved."

Sr. Christine's Reflections:

"My faith  in  following  Christ  may  not  have  been  smooth  all along
my formation years what with the ups and downs, pains  and  sorrows,
positive  and  negative  realities  in  my  religious  and  personal   life.
experiences and  events in  life  molded  me as He wanted  me  to
be. I can say that at this point in  time, I  have  learned to  be  attuned
to where God wants me  to be, and  finally  I am  His  own  now, to  be
shared to others too.
Time  flies so fast not  knowing  what  awaits me.
Recalling what  I've been  through,  I made  it   through  the rain. With
God  on  my  side, I   would feel the rain run  through  my  body. I  may
have  been fragile  at times but there's  always  strength after , to  be
whole   again. God gave  me  the courage  to  move  on  in  facing the
different   realities  of   life,  as   a   Franciscan  religious, as  an  SFIC, 
allowing  me to feel his encompassing embrace.

How sure am I that  after committing  myself perpetually  to   God,  to
the Church, to the Congregation and to God’s people, that I   will  be
faithful? Will I obey my superiors? Won't I  grumble over  things  that
I do not like or that are  not in accordance with  my  own  standards?
Will there be  loneliness? Will   I   remain  in  God’s  love? To  these
queries, all I know is that  nothing is certain, as what  Bishop  Soc  in
his homily told us. But  what I  am  sure  of,  is  that,  God   loves   me!
When  the time comes that I  may be  far  from Him,  He  will  still love
me. God’s love will always  remain even  if  at  times I  cannot  fathom
the   depth  of  his  love  and  mercy.
I   have   been   tested   by   fire
through   the  years,  and   yet  I   remained   to  respond  to  His   call
everyday. I know deep in my heart and  mind  that  it  is  not  I,  but  it
is  God's  hands  holding  me  so  tightly  so as  not  to let   go  of Him.
Challenges  occur every now and then  but  God  is  always  with  me,
nothing to be afraid of, just do it and He  will  do  the  rest! Though  I
am not  worthy of God’s love, God  has shown  His  great  love and to
the   those   whom  I   love. I  did  not  choose  to  be   a   religious,  to
be  a  humble servant of  Christ  but  God calls  and  indeed   He   has
chosen me! How blessed I am to be one of the  chosen ones ! "


The Congregation was listening  attentively to the Bishop while he was
delivering his homily.

















Sr. Henriette A. Sambile, SFIC
First Reader

















Sr. Amabelle Amihan, SFIC
The Psalmist

The angelic voice of Sr. Amabelle  has put everyone to a meditative
mood as the   song,  "Pag-ibig   Mo  Yahweh" captured  the   magic
spell of the moment.
















Sr. Dreena Guerrero, SFIC
"Tawag at Kahilingan"
















Sr. Lourdes Panganiban, SFIC read the Third Order Rule of Life for the

















"Ang Pagsusuri" : The Bishop cross - examined the Brides to be sure
that they were ready to pronounce their vows for life.

















A  very  solemn  part  of  the   Mass   was   the  "PAGPUPUGAY 
Shiela  Cayomo   sang  beautifully   and   solemnly   the   Litany  of  the 
Saints.  Her  voice   must   have   soared  to    the    highest  heavens 
inviting  the Saints to  intercede  for  us.  That  was  a  breath - taking
moment.  How    could   the    Saints   ignore   our   prayers   and  with
such an awe-inspiring  atmosphere?















The Brides  on their knees  ...















Sr. Christine solemnly pronounced her vows for life.
















Sr. Ernilyn likewise expressed her vows for life with sincerity and
















Sr. Julie Saguibo, the Provincial Superior joyfully accepted the vows of
the Brides.

















As soon as the vows of the new Brides were accepted by Sr. Julie,
the two sisters were   immediately endorsed   to   Sr. Jeanne Luyun
who will take charge of their  on-going formation in Level I.
















It's the Lord, the Groom who signs the covenant with Sr. Julie signing as
the witness  being the incumbent Provincial  Superior.
















And, finally, the Most Rev. Celebrant affixed his signature as He stands
for Christ, the Groom.
































The Sisters  sincerely  expressed their greetings and prayers!















Mother Foundress, Sr. Teresia Van Miert was invoked to bless the















Then followed the gesture of love and devotion to our Blessed
Mother. The Brides offered flowers to her.
















Such occasions like this always brings forth the beautiful note of saying
THANK YOU! Sr. Christine and Sr. Ernilyn took turns on the podium to
express their gratitude to all those who have touched their lives and
who became part of their vocation.













Most Reverend Socrates Villegas and Clergy
















The General Board Members : Sr. Adriana Tony  and Sr. Fransiska
Nurhayati, both from Indonesia.
















Members of the Board - Phil. North Province : (left to right) Sr. Teresita
Babaran,  Sr. Lourdes  Panganiban,  Sr. Julie  Saguibo, Sr. Maria Aurora
Simon and Sr. Ann Cayabyab

















Members of the Board- Phil. South Province  (left to right) : Sr. Editha
Radam, Sr. Evangeline Labanda, Sr. Catherine Serafica and Sr. Josefina
















Former Novice Mistresses:  Sr. Josefina Moran and Sr. Anna Liza Cabrera






























Magandang Buhay

Sr. Christine at Sr. Ernilyn !


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Jubilee 2015 PDF Print E-mail
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Come one, come all!











The Mater Dei Auditorium

60, 50, 40 & 25 Years
of  Religious Life deserves   indeed a Celebration! It's the
Jubilee Year of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate
Conception! Indeed, this is the day the Lord has
made! The Lord is good all the time!














Sr.  Sarah de Vera (extreme right) and Sr. Eufemia Villegas














Sr. Ofelia Tabing, Sr. Estrellita Lantin
and Sr. Salvacion Mata. with the Board Members















Sr. Mercedes Salud, Sr. Marie Faustine Mendoza, Sr. Jeanne
Luyun, Sr. Jane Frances Pablo, and Sr. Theresine Dingal
with the Board Members















Sr. Leoncia Manongdo, Sr. Dorothy Ortega, Sr. Francini
Posadas and Sr. Theresia Reyes with the Board Members

























His Excellency, Most Reverend  Bishop Honesto Ongtioco
of the Diocese of Cubao was the  Celebrant and Homilist
on this grace-filled day! He affirmed the greatness of God;
His works manifested on the Brides. He reiterated that
no one "can measure the impact" they have had as they
have been doing God's work in the Lord's vineyard. They
have given the best years  of their lives in proclaiming
the Kingdom.












A significant part of the liturgy was the Reading of the
SFIC Constitutions because this is the Rule of Life of the
Congregation. Sr. Eufemia Villegas, one of the Silver
Brides was given the honor and she  read it meditatively.












Having been reminded therefore of the Rule of Life of the
Congregation,  the Jubilarians once again declared their
fidelity to the Lord by pronouncing their vows publicly.














Acceptance of the vows  by Sr. Julie Saguibo, the Provincial
Superior in  the name of Sr. Lourdes Santos, the General












The mass then continued with the fervent devotion of
the Priests on stage praying with the Celebrant.













General Intercessions  as prayed in different languages:
Pilipino- Sr. Marie Faustine Mendoza
Ilocano- Sr. Jane Frances Pablo
Bicolano- Sr. Salvacion Mata
English- Sr. Mercedes Salud
Ibanag- Sr. Jeanne Luyun
Thai- Sr. Estrellita Lantin
Chavacano - Sr. Dorothy Ortega













Lay Partner's participation in the liturgy.

The Offertory










Sr. Marie Faustine Mendoza and
Sr. Ofelia Tabing offered the bread and wine.












Sr. Sarah
de Vera and
Sr. Estrellita
their messages
of praise
for the valuable
presence of
their friends,
and loved ones.














The Franciscan Blessing bestowed on the Jubilarians












Sr. Josephini Ambatali on the Organ and the young sisters
on the lead:  Sr. Shiela Cayumo and Sr. Amabel Amihan












The Choir











A candid snap - shot of the Jubilarians: (Seated from left
to right) - Sr. Francini Posadas, Sr. Theresia Reyes, Sr.
Leoncia Manongdo, Sr. Mercedes Salud, and Sr. Dorothy
Ortega; (standing behind from left to right - Sr. Jane
Frances Pablo, Sr. Marie Faustine Mendoza, Sr. Jeanne Luyun,
and Sr. Sarah de Vera.













Sr. Ofelia Tabing, one of the Ruby Jubilarians  with
her Secretary, Ms. Clara Jean Libao and Sr. Lucia














Sr. Salvacion Mata, one of the Ruby jubilarians
with her visitors from Cardona, Rizal where she had
worked in the past.












Sr. Sarah de Vera with her visitors and Sr. Julie Saguibo

















































Sister Helene Solis and Sr. Josefa Aldana came
up with the very intricate "Maranaw Dance".












Broadway, New York  came alive with Sisters Stephanie
Quiban, Josefa Aldana and Immaculee Pagalilauan reliving
the good old days!













The beautiful novices rendered their folk dance.
























Sr. Estrellita Lantin gave the background of the Thai
Dance as performed by the Thai Sisters.














The Junior Sisters likewise performed a modern dance.

























The Jubilarians got their long-stemmed ROSES, a  token
of love from the Sisters.













The celebration ended with a solemn song for the Blessed
Mother as the Jubilarians offered the flowers on hand. May
this jubilee remain in our hearts as we look forward to more
Celebrations of this kind in the years to come.

Long live
the SFIC!


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First Profession 2015



Sr. Felicisima M. Ibay, SFIC


Lubao, Pampanga

















Responding  to   God’s  call   in   the  SFIC   way   of   life,  “tinawag  kami   ng
ng  Diyos sa kanyang   kagandahang -  loob  na  Siyang  nagbuklod  sa   amin”,
together    with   Sister   Nanette   D.    Espiritu   from   Cordon,   Isabela,  and  
Sr.  Maricon  Q.  Rigor  from  Sumisip,  Basilan,   we   had  our First Profession
of  Vows   on   May 12, 2015   at   St. Gabriel  Parish  of  our Lady of  Sorrows,
Marikina Heights.

















St. Gabriel Parish

Marikina Heights


The  Spirit-filled celebration  was  solemnized  by Fr. Generoso B. Pastidio, OFM, 
with   Fr. Cristino Pine, OFM,  Fr. Aristotle Dela Cruz,  Fr.  Ama  Cumbaga, CMF, 
Fr. CJ Mortela, CMF,  and  Fr. Gilbert Quinones,  CMF  as  con- celebrants. The
presence   of   Sr. Julie  Saguibo,  PNP   Provincial  Superior  and  Council,  and 
Sr. Catherine   Serafica,  PSP  Provincial  Superior  and  Council  has  deepened
our confidence which made us feel that the SFIC way of life is really for us.












This  logo beautifully set at  the  altar  speaks  of  our vocation with  God  doing
the initiative. The dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit  overshadows  the  Sister as
we joyfully embark on our new way of life.
















The  Introduction:  "As  this  Year   has   been   designated   as   the   Year   for
we   are   greatly  blessed   with   the  opportunity  for  a  formation   of   holistic 
commitment  to  a   more  conscious   and  vigorous  adherence  to  God’s   call.
This captures the whole journey of our Novitiate Life that has laid the foundation
of the life we want to embrace."
















Sr. Josefina  Moran, a   Provincial  Board  Member  in   the  Phil. South  Province 
did  the  First Reading. The  letter  of  Paul   to  the Galatians  reiterates  that our
vocation is from God which has begun from the moment of our conception.
















The Psalmist, Sr.  Maricon  Rigor has moved the attendees to  a   reflective
mood with her  angelic  voice  as  she  meditatively  sang  “ Pinupuri   kita, 
O  Diyos ko,  dahil  ako’y  nilikha mo", arranged  by   no  less than our very
own musician, Sr. Cecile Belen SFIC.

















The Profession Rites started with the "Tawag at Kahilingan". Sr. Analiza Cabrera,
our Novice Mistress formally called our names  and asked us our  earnest desire 
where  we  responded that  we  want to  live  the  SFIC way of Life  to  the  full.

















At  this  point  in   time,  in   consonance  with   our  above -  mentioned   request,
Sr.  Lourdes  Panganiban, a  Provincial Board Member in the Phil. North Province
reminded  us  then  of  the  Franciscan  Way of  Life that we have chosen  to live.
She read the Franciscan Rule of Life for us.

















The most awaited moment when Sr. Julie signed our acceptance as
members of  the SFIC fold . . .























The  Veil,  a  symbol  of  our  vowed life was  donned on  us  as  a  part  of  the 
Profession  rites   within  the  mass.   The  Provincial   Board   Members   easily
came  up  to  assist  us.   Sisters  Cathy, Evangeline and Aura are seen pinning
our veils on.
























Assisting me then was Sr. Anne as Sr. Julie looked on.






















The Ceremony of the Entrustment of Symbols:

The   veil,   the   ring   and   the  Constitution   symbolize   that   we   are  now
members   of    the    Congregation   of    the    Franciscan    Sisters   of    the
Immaculate   Conception   of   the  Holy  Mother  of God.  Sr. Julie A. Saguibo,
Provincial    Superior  of  the  North  Province    entrusted  the   symbols  to Sr.
Nanette   and   me,  likewise,   Sr.  Catherine  Serafica,  Provincial  Superior of
the  South  Province  has entrusted the same to Sr. Maricon. The symbols  will
serve  as  our  guide  and  inspiration  as  we'll  journey on to tread the path of
religious life.The  veil symbolizes our  commitment  and  attachment  to  Jesus
Christ. The   ring   will  always  remind  us  to  remain  faithful  to  our  promise.
In  like manner, the Rule  of   Life  will  guide  us  to  follow our Franciscan Life 

















The  Rule  of   Life  was  solemnly entrusted  also to the newly professed Sisters,
a    very   symbolical    and   most   appropriate  gesture   from    the   Provincial
Superiors, Sr. Julie Saguibo and Sr. Catherine Serafica.


Another  touching   part of the profession ceremonies was   the "PAGHAHABILIN
AT PAGBIBIGAY  PANANAGUTAN"  to   the  Junior   Directress  and   the   Local
Leaders   of   the   respective    communities    where   the   young   Juniors   are
assigned.   Sr.   Catherine  Serafica   entrusted   Sr. Maricon  to  Sr. Dreena  and 
the  Leader  of  Mactan,  while  the  other  two  Juniors   of   the  North  were also
entrusted  by  Sr. Julie  to  the  same Junior  Directress and the Leaders of LFRH,
Baguio for Sr. Nanette and Community. C, Central  House for Sr. Fe. Sr.  Nanette 
will  serve  as    the   bookkeeper   at   Little   Flower   Retreat  House  in   Baguio 
City.   She  was  entrusted  to Sr. Agnes  Frias;   while  Sr. Fe will be  a   Christian
Formation  Facilitator  at    St.   Joseph’s   College in Quezon City. She will stay at
the   Central    House -  Community   C   which   was   represented    by   Sr.  Ma.
Teresita  Bravo,  SFIC.   Sr.  Maricon  of  the   Phil. South  Province  was   tasked
to  be the Christian Formation Facilitator at St. Joseph’s College in  Mactan, Cebu.
She was entrusted to Sr. Agnes Labitoria.


















Sr. Nanette   Espiritu   thanked   the  whole congregation for their most valuable
presence.   It  is always a  thrilling   moment   when  the heart  remembers  with
gratitude  the goodness  that  springs  from the depths of the soul.
















Grateful appreciation and thanks was acclaimed for Fr. Gene  Pastidio,  OFM, the
HOMILIST. He really gave a wonderful homily with a lot of  points  for  the  young
professed to  mull on as they are in the spring of their Religious Life.


The  newly  professed  sisters  will  grow  in their awareness of their responsibilities
not only to  themselves, their  friends, and their  families, but  also their  immediate
community   and   society  in   general. At  this point in  their formation,  they  may
have   had   several  opportunities of  professional growth and  other  involvements
but   it  is  important  for  them  to  be  grounded  in  their  relationship  with  Jesus
Christ,   the   perfect   exemplar   of   loving submission to the will of  the  Father in
simplicity and in humility.

















With   the   Junior   Mistress,  Sr.  Dreena  Guerrero on the keyboard, it  was a
delight   to   see  the  young  Sisters with  her,  singing  out  their   hearts  and
souls which  made  the  affair  a very solemn one.
































and Sr. FRANCISCA of the General Board

















Once again, Congratulations

to our dear

Sisters Fe, Maricon and Nanette!

















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