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“A house is made of stones, but a home is made of hearts.” Yes, this is our own
Home   Sweet Home. Every summer, the Sisters come home to the Little Flower
Retreat  House  in  gratitude  for  all  the  blessings  received  for  the year, and
be  more  prepared  for  what  the future has in store for each and everyone.
This is the goal for RETREAT 2015.



























Behind this   Little   Flower   Retreat   House is a beautiful garden that does not
only  attract   the   butterflies  and  other creepy creatures; this is always given
priority by  visitors  where  they take a walk and capture the moment’s mood in
their IPods  or cameras. Here in, one can see the scenic horizon of the  Country
Club, the well-trimmed  lawns for the golfers  to display  their competitive skills
and the winding roads   enjoyed  by the horse-riders as they roam the beautiful
spots around.




















Sr.  Esperanza  Vistro  enjoys  basking  under the sun on this beautiful morning
as part of the  silent  contemplation  in  this  Retreat.  Peering  into the colorful

shrubs  and  flowers, one  can just imagine  the joy given to this God’s creation
whose  beauty  is  in  itself  a  purpose  to  exist. The enticing flowers can’t  be
ignored  as  Brother  Sun stoops down to grace them all  with his morning  kiss.
Indeed, “be praised my Lord for Brother Sun and Mother Earth…”




















Fr.   Cristino   Pine,  ofm,   gladly  accepted   the  task  of  being  the Retreat Master for
this year with  the over-all  theme ,“  Inflamed  by  the  Fire of  God’s  Love: Authentic
Witness in  the  Life and Mission  of  Christ  in  the  World”.  Considering  the  Francis
Clarean  Spirituality  of  the  Congregation  as  the umbrella of the SFIC Plan of Life, a
particular theme was set for each day as follows:

Day 1 - FCSJPIC: Love, the Soul of Spirituality for Ministry

Day 2 - FCSJPIC: Sharing the Gospel of Joy in our Life of Prayer

Day 3 - FCSJPIC: Making God’s Word Alive in our Life and Mission as a

Community of Disciples

Day 4 - FCSJPIC:  Proclaiming God’s Mercy and Compassion in Today’s World

Day 5 - FCSJPIC: Stewardship: A Treasure of Life and Love with Gifts

for Service

Day 6 - FCSJPIC: The Role and Challenges of New Evangelization in the

Post-Modern World

Day 7 - FCSJPIC: Mutual Solidarity and Growing Collaboration in the

Service of the Church

Day 8 - FCSJPIC: SFICs as Spirit-Filled and Authentic Evangelizers of

the Good News

Salient Points to mull on:

a. Fruit of our prayers should exude a joyful disposition wherever we
are. The quiet joy of love should be felt by the people around us.
Resentment, anger and listlessness block the Good News.

b. On Pope Francis’ visit to the Youth in UST
Sometimes we are so locked up in our petty quarrels that we don’t
see any more the signs of the times. Have we forgotten that we are
also beneficiaries of God’s mercy and compassion?

c. We are only A PART of God’s creation. We are not the center of the

d. God’s creation can be with our pains. As God taught Job how to bear
his pains, he believed that God is really good. He fights with us, but
he is always on our side.

e. Jesus had only one focus, to go to Jerusalem where he met his death.
Pope Francis also said, “Bring back our people to Jerusalem…” Let us
not be afraid therefore of our Jerusalem. “Stay with us …” means
that we have the opportunity to penetrate the lives of people in

f. Building pyramids is dangerous. Many times, our pyramids become too
high and fortification so strong that we are afraid if it crumbles. Instead,
do we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us?



















Ps. 27: One thing I ask of the Lord, that will I seek

God’s   faithfulness   is   evident  in  our lives. The Retreat is the most opportuned
time to  spend  time for the Lord to acknowledge his faithfulness to us even if  we
go unfaithful.  As  our Lord told Martha, there is   only one thing that matters, and
Mary chose the better part.To be poor in spirit is to submit one’s will to the Father.










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Greetings of peace and all good my dear Brothers and Sisters especially to our beloved Bishop, Most Reverend Bishop Paul Yoshinao Otsuka, and to all our brother priests who are present in this Eucharistic celebration.


Today, we blow the trumpet to signal the start of a Jubilee, the Jubilee of our faithful, meaningful and fruitful journeying together in this beautiful land of Japan, in particular with the Diocese of Kyoto. Indeed, there is so much to thank God for in this jubilee year, a year of favor to all of us. The highest heavens and all the choirs of angels might be celebrating with us today. This is the time to share the experiences we have had with all the people whom we work with and how these significant people have formed us and touched our life. In this celebration, it is good to ask ourselves: What do we celebrate? Why do we celebrate? What lies ahead of us after this celebration? How else can we sustain if not strengthen our fidelity to this ever faithful God who journeys with us throughout these wonderful and grace-filled years? How else can we give witness to this faithful God? What are still our dreams as partners in the mission of Christ? Indeed, the God of the journey has been walking with us all these years.


Yes, today we celebrate for various reasons:


1. First and foremost, we remember our humble beginnings as missionaries 25 years ago and celebrate God’s wonderful and faithful love to all of us. It was in September 1989 that we took root in this land and we are now spreading our wings, soaring gracefully with the different communities. God, the center and reason for journeying together has manifested to us his great love and mercy! Together, we have experienced His love in and through each one of us.                The SFIC Sisters and the Diocese of Kyoto have tried our best to give witness to the LOVE of Christ who called us to serve and love His people through our various ministries for the people in the Diocese specifically for the migrants. Praise the Lord for the blessings of this event!


2. Secondly, we celebrate presence. Why do we celebrate 25 years of presence?    It is not the SFIC presence in this Diocese that we celebrate but God’s loving and faithful presence in and through the SFICs. We thank God for having sustained the Sisters for the past 25 years. What else can be renewed?  Do we feel rejuvenated?  How else can we sustain a harmonious journeying together as proclaimers of the Joy of the Gospel in the period of New evangelization? As we heed to the call of Pope Francis, may we be shepherds and willing to take on the “ smell of the sheep” and be willing to offer our lives for the good of God’s people.


3. Thirdly, we thank, celebrate and affirm the FRIENDSHIP that sustained our journey together as partners in the mission of Christ. Yes, the Sisters have felt your sincere and faithful friendship. Thank you for recognizing the goodness and the “Saintliness” of each Sister despite their human limitations and tendencies. Thank you for loving and supporting our Sisters in this community. Thank you for allowing them to love and serve you in the name of Christ. Thank you for forgiving them when they forget to be holy and to radiate the face of God. Thank you for accepting them as SFICs, for journeying with their spirit and charism as Franciscan religious. Thank you for helping them in carrying out their mission in this place. Thank you for respecting them as Sisters of Christ. Thank you for believing in their capabilities as servant leaders with the communities of migrants. Thank you for trusting their decisions and worldviews and principles as SFICs. Thank you for loving them faithfully. To all the Filipino-Japanese Communities, thank you for loving our Sisters.


4. Fourthly, we celebrate, reminisce and appreciate beautiful and life–giving memories. As missionaries in the Diocese, the Sisters have beautiful and joy-filled memories. As they look back, their faces are filled with lovely smiles…nostalgic aura…However, the Sisters as ministers of the Gospel had to leave the place and be transferred to other mission places but all the wonderful experiences are very much etched in the bottom of their hearts. Like St. Paul, they are like multi-church planters who constantly moved from one location to another to spread the Gospel to other peoples and places. They have also to move on but they carried with them the traces of Kyoto. We are all pilgrims and we always carry within us our God-experiences in each area of assignment. In behalf of the other missionaries who were assigned here, I am sending their warmest greetings and prayers for all of you.


5. Finally, we celebrate the love story of Jesus in and through the Sisters who tried their very best to put Christ at the center of their ministry. They have shared with you the story of Jesus and together you have discovered a meaningful definition of love emanating from the Love of God. This love of God has been sustaining the journey. Thus, we are celebrating it today!


Twenty five years of SFIC presence in the Diocese of Kyoto. Yes, the Sisters were transformed to what they should become as SFIC Sisters. They have manifested strength, justice, vitality, and radiance in the many events of their journey in this place. Their various experiences have made them more wise and virtuous and ever more faithful in following the will of God for them. Yes, after 25 the Sisters are striving to joyfully and faithfully share with you our spirit and charism all for the love of God. We continue to be joyful and grateful for all the memories and experiences that are imprinted in our hearts. We are filled with happiness and inner peace as we commune with you now. We praise God for this momentous event in our journey!!!


Today, we as SFICs attest that our life’s journey, has been like Mary’s own journey — a pilgrimage of faith, a pilgrimage of consecration, a pilgrimage of devoted missionary service in which we have been called to be Jesus for others.           At this juncture, I would like to thank my dear Sisters, for your FIAT. Thank you for your testimony of faith lived like Mary – with clarity, courage and missionary conviction, may you continue to allow God to write your history and may you be ever fervent in strengthening your intimacy with Jesus. May you also deepen your understanding that you are lovely in the eyes of God. Remember that you are called by name, that you are the surname of God. Pope Francis has beautiful insights on the sacredness of our names. He said that the name of each of us is God’s surname.  He remarked: “When God wants to say who he is, he says: I am the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob”… What is God’s surname? We are, each one of us. He takes the name of each of us and makes it his surname: May the contemplative life of Mother Mary, St. Francis, St. Clare, and Mother Teresia van Miert, our foundress,  inspire you to be continually steeped in the Scriptures, passionate in the Eucharist and faithful in your life of prayer. May you be given the graces that you need especially the discipline needed to journey meaningfully and joyfully with the Diocese of Kyoto. May you be drawn closer to Jesus, who came poor and humble yet bringing good news to humanity.


To all of you my dear brothers and Sisters, thank you very much for joining us in this thanksgiving celebration.



Part I.    The Eucharistic Celebration with His Excellency, Most Rev. Paul Yoshinao Otsuka

as Celebrant at the St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Kyoto, Japan.

Part II

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Colegio San Jose

de Alaminos, Pangasinan





Sr. Julie Saguibo, SFIC

Provincial Superior

delivered by Sr.  Ma. Aurora Aurora  Simon, sfic.


Today, we are all gathered in the spirit of Thanksgiving! Yes, our hearts are filled with joy as we thank God for His faithful love to each one of us especially to the entire family of Colegio San Jose de Alaminos.

Today, we are also filled with remembrances. We cannot help but reflect on the past to see the ways God has been walking with us through the years.

We, the SFICs feel honored and humbled by this great gesture of recognition of our 40 years of presence in this noble institution. Yes, today, we are celebrating 40 great years of journeying together as collaborators in making God’s dreams for this school a reality.

With reminiscence, we ask, “For what can we give thanks?” At this point, I would like to borrow Joyce Rupp’s way of looking over our past with “ Exodus eyes” , the eyes of a pilgrim, one who is always on the way.

1. Let us remember our burning bush moments when our faith was affirmed and our works renewed. With gratitude, we recall our journey in this school. We remember with a smile in our hearts our humble beginnings. We are truly grateful for God’s tremendous guidance in those attempts to move forward and mature in our responses as religious educators. We have affirmed that indeed God has called us to minister to His people in this beautiful place.

2. Let us remember our companions who aided us in our wilderness times of doubt and confusion. Yes, it cannot be denied that trials and difficulties were part and parcel of our ministry as educators. However, God has never left us in those times in the desert. He has sent us people as our guide and light so that we can all journey together with our minds and hearts focused on seeking God’s will for this school. We praise God for all those breakthroughs in our journeying together.

3. Let us remember our manna and quail that sustained our desert hunger and nourished us. We acclaim that God is a God of surprises. He has provided us with the blessings we needed in realizing His dreams for this school. We recall the greatness of people in helping us out in our temporal and material needs. We appreciate all the concern and support extended to the Sisters especially when we needed them the most. In all those circumstances, we experienced God sending us “our fire and cloud of other’s steady fidelity that assured us of God’s nearness.” Thank you for making God’s love palpable to us.

4. Let us remember our hope in reaching the promised land of deeper peace, new-found joy, and a renewed sense of purpose. Today, we rejoice with you as we witness with awe and wonder the big innovations that have been done in this school! God’s Spirit is very much felt in and among the School community!

Today, we are recounting all the blessings bestowed in our journey. And we can simply pray that an abundance of gratitude may burst forth as we reflect upon all that we have received in all these 40 years: support, recognition, respect, love, care, faithfulness, kindness, goodness of each person who have become true to us, the harvest /fruits of our good actions and most importantly, of our humble presence in this school in helping out in the realization of God’s promise of fullness of life towards the transformation of society.

In solidarity with the entire family of Colegio San Jose de Alaminos, we want to express sentiments of deep appreciation to her and to all the dedicated men and women who devote their lives to teaching the young. Pope Benedict said: “You form new generations not only in knowledge of the faith, but in every aspect of what it means to live as mature and responsible citizens in today’s world.” He further said, “Education is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full – in short it is about imparting wisdom. And true wisdom is inseparable from knowledge of the Creator, for both we and our words are in his hand, as are all understanding and skill in crafts.”

Thank you for allowing us to express our spirit and charism in this milieu. May we also be inspired by Pope Benedict’s message, “As the relative roles of Church and State in the field of education continue to evolve, never forget that religious have a unique contribution to offer to this apostolate, above all through lives consecrated to God and through faithful, loving witness to Christ, the supreme Teacher.”

We humbly ask you to continue praying for our Sisters, for their well being and for more effective and prophetic witnessing of the Gospel-values in their way of being, doing and relating. May they continue to contribute in the realization of the Mission-Vision of the school with an atmosphere of respect and affectionate trust. May they also be faithful in upholding the hallmark of a Catholic school in your respectable institution. May they always remember that one cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one’s life. Those who listen to us and observe us must be able to see in our actions what they hear from our lips, and so give glory to God! May they be true Franciscans, always bearing in mind the advice of Saint Francis of Assisi to his brothers: preach the Gospel and, if necessary, use words. May they continually motivate our students to give an active presence in the community, as living cells, as living stones. Let us heed then to the call of Pope Francis on education. “Education is an act of love; it is like giving life.” May God continue to bless the works of our hands. Happy Foundation day!


The Day’s Events

That was a very touching moment,



Being one of the Pioneer Sisters in Alaminos and a native of Pangasinan, Sr. Alphonse Casambre,sfic, together with the other Sisters who were assigned in Alaminos  gladly responded to the invitation of Colegio San Jose for the Grand Alumni Homecoming on March 13, 2015 and of course to relive once again their pleasant and memorable presence as SFICs. Indeed, FORTY YEARS of presence, THE RUBY ANNIVERSARY is worth celebrating!

With the able leadership of Sr. Esperanza Vistro, sfic, the Vice President, and    the    loving support of her co-sisters, Sr. Elizabeth Cipriano,sfic, and Sr. Ma. Alma Mijares, sfic, together with her fellow Administrators, Faculty and staff,  the Sisters felt the warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere!

Indeed, it was really a day to remember! At this point in time, it is but proper to pause and reckon the humble beginnings of Colegio San Jose de Alaminos, the then Royal Carpenter Academy as  fondly remembered.

Sr. Alphonse Casambre, sfic, recounts  thus,


The History of the SFIC

Community in Alaminos

In 1975, after the DC (Daughters of Charity) Sisters had left their school ministry at the Royal Carpenter Academy in Alaminos, Pangasinan, the SFICs (Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception) took over the administrative work in the school.

Below is a write up culled from the book written by Sister Marie Teresite Bravo, SFIC, ROOTS AND WINGS , History of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Mother of God in the Philippines. Page 103 of the book shows the early beginnings of the Royal Carpenter Academy, (now Collegio de San Jose de Alaminos) under the Directorship of Msgr. Oscar Aquino,JCD, then Vicar General of the Lingayen- Dagupan Diocese and Sister Alphonse Casambre, SFIC as Principal of the school. It also shows the foundation of the SFIC Community in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Mission Promotion

To mobilize the Congregation for greater and more creative participation in building the People of God, new communities were established.

Alaminos Community

The Regional Board accepted the invitation to take over the school administration of the Royal Carpenter Academy in Alaminos, Pangasinan on May 20, 1975. The acceptance came after a long process. The request had come as early as 1969 but the incumbent Regional Board could not respond to it due to lack of personnel. Monsignor Oscar Aquino was not discouraged. His persistent entreaty brought Him Sister Aphonse Casambre who was willing to defer writing her thesis to help at the Royal Carpenter Academy. Sister Gregory was assigned to stay with her and do pastoral work in the community.

Msgr. Gotoc., the parish priest, was willing to accommodate the Sisters in his house but the Sisters preferred to have their own home in the school , the old rectory of the Fathers. Since the place needed repair, the Sisters had to commute daily from Mangaldan where they were based. This lasted for two weeks because the Sisters decided to reside in Alaminos while the repair was nearing completion and occupied an improvised living space in the school utility room adjacent to the Principal’s Office.

The Sisters’ convent was blessed on August 19, 1975 by His Excellency Archbishop Federico Limon.The occasion was graced by the presence of Msgr, Gotoc, Msgr. Aquino, Father Vicente Marteja and some other priests in the archdiocese. Sister Giovvanni Fasitino, Sister Franciisca Molano, Sister Severina Aquino,, Sister Bonaventure Tanjuakio from the Regional Board and Sisters from Quezon City, Baguio City, San Carlos and Mangaldan. Although the Sisters had their own residence they were affiliated to the community of Mangaldan for a cannonical community requires at least three members.

Sister Alphonse stayed there for only a year as agreed upon. In the new schoolyear 1976-1977 a new community was installed in Alaminos Pangasinan with Sister Francini Posadas as leader and Principl of the school and Sister Josefina Moran, Sister Fredelina Rivera, Sister Veronica Florentino, Sister Gregory Salvador as members.

Added Personal Account

‘The Sisters preferred to have their own home in the school, the old rectory of the Fathers…’ Roots and Wings,p103

Sister Ma. Aurora Quiros , then member of San Carlos community deserves to be commended for the selfless support she gave Sister Alphonse those construction days of the would- be residence. She was a constant untiring companion in supervising the construction and at the same time preparing for the upcoming school year 1975-1976. Both Sister Alphonse and Sister Auring lived in an improvised living space near the Principal’s Office.

Everyday both commuted from Mangaldan to Alaminos. They would sometimes stop at Dagupan City to purchase some portable construction materials and other necessities for this community . After three hectic weeks of experiencing the joys and pains of supervising the construction work and at the same time preparing for the coming school days, Sister Alphonse had to let go of Sister Auring who also had to continue her ministry in St Charles Academy.

Soon after , the residence was ready for occupancy. Whenever she was free from work in San Carlos, Sister Auring would come to make herself available wherever she was needed. She would stay over night to keep Sister Alphonse company in the convent.

During Schooldays Mrs. Anatolia Tugade, the RCA registrar graciously offered to help Sister Alphonse wherever and whenever she saw the need. Like Sister Auring she also kept Sister Alphonse company not only during the day time but also at night.

Sister Gregory came to Alaminos later to keep Sister Alphonse company. Sister Gregory concentrated on her pastoral ministry in the nearby barangays.

The Royal Carpenter Academy administration, faculty members and students warmly welcomed the new Director of RCA Msgr . Oscar Aquino , JCD, Vicar General of the Lingayen-Dagupan Diocese.

The Celebration

Upon the arrival of the Sisters at the CSJA grounds at around 11:00 o’clock they were warmly welcomed by the President of the school, the Sisters, the faculty and staff . Overwhelmed by the sight of the happy Sisters before them, the drum and lyre corps triumphantly and joyfully entertained the SFIC guests with their band musical exhibition. The Sisters were then escorted by the Faculty and Staff on stage.

Soon lunch was served for the Sisters who were joined by the CSJA administration, faculty and staff.

The FORMAL DINING with His Excellency,

Bishop Emeritus, Jesus A. Cabrera,

In the afternoon at 2:30 pm, the first part of the official celebration was held. It started with the entrance of the Sister - Honorees who marched to their places on the stage.

As the programme below shows , Rev. Fr. Melchor Joseph Braga, the School President warmly welcomed the Sisters to the special occasion. Awesome colorful dances and melodious choral and solo song renditions presented by elementary and high school students, the exhibition of the Drum and Lyre corps and the Dance numbers presented by the Alumni and CSJA Employees enhanced the colorful and joyful spirit of the occasion.

Furthermore, to recognize the varied contributions, the great efforts and sacrifices of the Sisters in this education- evangelization ministry in CSJA, a plaque of appreciation was awarded to the Congregation by Msgr. Jose Rey de Ragudos, Acting Chair of the CSJA Board of Trustees and Rev Fr. Melchor Joseph Braga, School President. The plaque was received by Sister Ma. Aurora Simon, member of the SFIC Provincial Council, in the absence of Sister Julie Saguibo, SFIC Provincial Superior, who could not make it to the special occasion due to some unavoidable circumstances. Each Sister, too, was delighted to receive invaluable tokens from Mrs. Rosita Mendoza, BED Principal and Mrs. Florence C. Oniam, Assistant College Dean.

In response to the wonderful and thoughtful gesture of the School for all the generous gesture of appreciation bestowed on the Congregation and to the Sisters in particular, Sister Maria Aurora Simon read the speech prepared by Sister Julie Saguibo, SFIC Provincial Superior who was absent during the celebration due to some unavoidable circumstances.

At this point in time, Testimonies were also shared by the CSJA Administrators :

Ms. Digna Tugade

Ms. Josephine  Satuito

Mrs. Rosita Mendoza

It’s heartwarming to hear them express  their experiences with the Sisters as follows:

1. As Good Teachers like Priests,

· they have instilled the values of hard work and self-discipline,

which are the foundations of success,

· they have taught the simplicity of life and the value of

sharing with others,

· they have taught us to be good leaders and servants of God,

· they have taught us that learning never ends,

· they have helped us discover our skills and enhanced our

talents, and

· they have opened our minds and hearts.

2. As Franciscans,

· they were mothers who listened to problems, who saw the

bright future for our children, and who would  surely  say,

“God always provides.”

· they taught us FAITH and LOVE that would guide us through the

years, and

· they have given us  the legacy of kindness,  truth,  commitment,

learning and finding  inspiration in God.



Posing  inside the Cathedral with Bishop Emeritus Jesus Cabrera, Rev. Fr. Melchor Joseph Braga, Rev. Msgr. Rey Jose Ragudos and other Priests in the  Diocese were (left to  right, front row,) Sisters Mary Grace de Guzman,  Alma  Mijares, Evelyn Ortiz, Remedios Garcia, Virginia  Embuido,  Aurora Quiroz , Aurora Samson , Theodora  Reyes,  Fredelina  Rivera, Antonia  Cabanig, Daisy  Dayag , (left to right,   second  row)  Esperanza  Vistro , Eterna Manangan,  Alphonse  Casambre,  Severina  Aquino, Concepcion  Ulanday , Luz  Espiritu, Dionisia Mendoza,  Eufemia  Villegas, Leticia Quindara (third row, left to right), Elizabeth Cipriano, Eumelia Quindara, Teresita Alo, Ma. Aurora Simon, and one of the  lay partners in CSJA.

At 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon, the Most Rev. Jesus A. Cabrera, D.D.Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Alaminos celebrated the Eucharist in honor of the SFICs on the occasion of their 40th anniversary of their presence in Alaminos. Msgr. Jose Rey Ragudos, Rev. Fathers Melchor Braga, and Fernando Castillo concelebrated with him.

After the post communion part of the Mass, as requested earlier by Sister Esperanza, Sister Alphonse gave a response to CSJA’ s very kind gesture of appreciation especially the meaningful Eucharistic celebration in honor of the Ruby Jubilee of the SFIC presence in Alaminos, Pangasinan.

Sister Alphonse choked as she started her talk saying “Gratitude is indeed the memory of the Heart”

First, she thanked the good Lord for having chosen the Congregation to work in His vineyard in Alaminos. She praised and thanked Him for his ever continuing and sustaining guidance as He leads the Sisters in their journey with the people in His vineyard.

Secondly, she thanked the Most Rev. Bishop and his concelebrators for the beautiful and grace-filled celebration of the Eucharist in honor of the SFIC on the 40th anniversary of their presence in CSJA.

Thirdly, she made effort to recognize the invaluable efforts, contributions and sacrifices of special people who were instrumental in brining the SFICs to Alaminos and who in their own capacities, assisted in the construction of the residence of the first SFIC who responded to the education-evangelization at the Royal Carpenter Academy now called Collegio San Jose de Alaminos.

Most specially remembered was Msgr Oscar Aquino, JCD, then Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan, who persistently presented the need for SFICs to take over the administrative task vacated by he Daughters of Charity Sisters.

Also remembered were the Sisters Communities of Mangaldan and San Carlos led by the late Sisters Francis Sembrana and Bernadette Sison, respectively, for their all out support before and during the first year of the Sisters stay in Alaminos

Sister Aurora Quiros of San Carlos Community was also cited for her selfless support during the Construction days of the Sisters residence. For three weeks before classes started, she kept Sister Alphonse company in Alaminos while they temporarily slept in an improvised room while the would be residence was still under construction.

Mrs. Anatolia ‘Atchi Toling’ Tugade, the school registrar, also deserved mention. When Classes started and Sister Alphonse was now left alone,  Atchi Toling made herself  a constant companion and spent the nights in the new residence with Sister Alphonse .

She also expressed her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the organizers of the  Jubilee celebration for inviting the SFICs and  to the guests, parents, teachers, alumni and friends who came to celebrate the milestone with them. She sincerely thanked them all for their support for the success of the SFIC ministry in Alaminos and wished them God’s abundant blessings all throughout their life.







































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SFIC Sisters

joined the 2015


IFMCP Lenten Hermitage

By:Sr. Girlie M. Lopez, SFIC

The Bethlehem Convent in Tagaytay City

Brother Sun welcomed the SFIC Sisters upon their arrival!

Last March 14, 2015, 13 SFIC sisters joined the Inter-Franciscan Hermitage experience celebration at the Bethlehem House of Prayer in Tagaytay. The warm fraternal greetings filled the occasion.We were led into prayer by an OFS sister. Then, each Franciscan Congregation was recognized by Sr. Jojo Fernando, FMM in her welcome remarks.

The quiet atmosphere has set the tone

for the day’s hermitage experience…

Fr. Cielo Almazan, OFM enthusiastically introduced Fr. Antonio Rosales, OFM our Resource Speaker.

Fr. Rosales gave an input on “Franciscan Contemplation: Mirroring the Mercy and Compassion of Christ”. He brought us the image of the parallelism of the life Jesus lived and that of St. Francis. He captured the words “mercy and compassion” through  a  practical expression of love using the word “Rahmin” which literally means “a woman’s breast”. True enough, most of us if not all  were nourished  through our mothers’ breast.  He also emphasized the “cave experiences” of  St. Francis and stressed that our model for contemplation is Jesus. Our contemplation has always to be  focused on Jesus so we can  exclaim, “My God and My All”.

He stressed the three priorities in our Franciscan life such: prayer, community and work. Thus, what one contemplates on  is shared  to others. Missionary endeavors are fruits of  contemplation.  Furthermore,  Fr. Rosales pointed out that Franciscans are not both contemplative and  active. Franciscans are contemplative. He compared  the  body as  the cell and the  soul as  the hermit in it”. Hence, we must be mindful of the presence of God in and around us. He posed the following  questions:

· How can we practice contemplation in our community?

· What kind of prayer do we have?

After  the talk of  Fr. Rosales , an open forum followed. Many expressed their gratitude and affirmed Fr. Rosales’ sharing.

Everyone had to look for their own quiet nooks. Brother Sun was too generous that the Sisters had to use their blue umbrellas.

A novice found her place under a tree.

Some were at the prayer room.

Silence was observed during break and lunch time. From 1pm-3pm we had  the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Sister Novice had her confession  at one of the cottages.

The Eucharistic Celebration ensued with  Fr. Gregorio Redoblado, OFM Minister Provincial of the Province of San Pedro Bautista Philippines and Chairperson of the Inter-Franciscan Ministers Conference of the Philippines  as  Presider.

S I G N    of    P E A C E!

Indeed, the whole day hermitage experience  led  us  to renewal and inspired us to recommit ourselves through the inspiration of St. Francis to always commune with Jesus as we share ourselves to the people around us. With increased fervor and zeal, we got back to our communities  ready  to share our God-experience.





































































































































Last March 14, 2015, 13th SFIC sisters joined the Inter-Franciscan Hermitage experience celebration at the Bethlehem House of Prayer in Tagaytay. The warm fraternal greetings filled the occasion.We were led into prayer by an OFS sister. Then, each Franciscan Congregation was recognized by Sr. Jojo Fernando, FMM in her welcome remarks.







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Little Flower Retreat House